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Segment X uses AI to help B2B sales reps create personalized account plans and sales materials that are rooted in customer value.

Problem: Sales reps spend hundreds of hours researching accounts and preparing for customer conversations. The account plans and slides they create for a customer meeting are quickly out of date and not guaranteed to use the best customer story and brand messaging.

Solution: Streamline account research to find the optimal entry points to break into an account & help the rep articulate customer value. For example, we can apply the best sales play to run on account and surface the best customer stories to use in a sales conversation.

Mission: We are on a mission to help sales reps deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time in the sales cycle.



Segment X Founders

Segment X Founding Team

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Meg Hall, CEO & Founder

Meg started this company when she was running vertical product marketing for a tech company in the bay area. She set out to use AI and automation to help reps create high quality account documents and win more deals. 

- Executive MBA

- Two time founder 

- 10 years of domain expertise 

Michal Kowalkowski, CTO

With over 15 years of software design experience, Michal is skilled at building technology that scales without breaking. His leadership style is authentic and he enjoys teaching emerging engineers. 

- Built the MVP for 3 previous startups 

- Access to global development talent 

- Full stack developer

Sweta Mulji

Sweta Mulji, VP of Growth & Customer Success

With a background in product marketing and sales support, Sweta plays a wide range of roles at Segment X. First and foremost, she cares about ensuring customer success and growing the company. 

- MBA from UC Riverside 

- Marketing background 

How it Works:

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