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Speak to prospects, not at them.

Personalize Sales the Sales Cycle to Win More Deals.

New Year. New Quota. New Way of Selling.

Give your sales team a competitive edge with a combination of AI, automation, and personalization. 

Call scripts

Outsource Research

You're busy. We can help with account research like finding the people. 

Are you too busy closing deals to even research accounts? We get it. 

We can help you:

- Research accounts 

- Find the target people (including contact information and social media accounts)

-  Generate a point of view 

- Generate Call Scripts & One Pagers 

- Draft email sequences 

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Open More Opportunities

with automated ABM prospecting. 

With our ABM service, we can set up "news watchers" that watch for a triggering event in the news, finds the company, finds the people and generates messaging to automatically reach out to them within 24 hours of the news breaking. 

News -> Find company -> Find people -> Generate why -> Generate emails and call scripts -> Alert Rep

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Close Late Stage Deals

with value cases and proposals.

Push stalled deals over the line with personalized:

- Value cases

- Customer logo slides

- Executive Summaries 

- Proposals 


Company Slides

Support Your Customers

with personalized documents in your customer's brand. 

Are you truly enabling champions to advocate for your company and project? 

We can help you automate the creation of materials that will help get the deal approved including:

- Implementation plan 

- Executive summary 

- Implementation graphics - like flyers and instructions - in their brand. 

Free Calendar Integration

Walk into every meeting prepared. 2 hours before any external call, we will email you a summary of the person and company. 

Segment X not only prepares you for each meeting, but helps you facilitate productive meetings with ice breakers, discovery questions, and ideas on how your two businesses can work together. 

Meeting Cheat Sheet

How it Works:

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Combinations of Persona, Industry, & Segment Size


Document Templates


Assets Generated

Want to see what the Segment X Sales Play Engine will say for your business?