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Segment X is the Playbook for Repeatable B2B Sales Motions

Deliver the Right Message, to the Right Person, at the Right Time. 

AI Account Plans
Account Planning

AI Account Planning

We research the accounts, find the people, and generate prospecting call scripts & emails. 


Messaging Engine

We integrate your customer stories, use cases, persona, and industry messaging throughout the sales cycle. 


Generate Personalized Slides & Documents

B2B sales requires a lot of personalized documents including slides, value cases, proposals, and implementation documents. 

Segment X uses AI to help B2B sales reps create personalized account plans and sales materials. 

How it works: Sales reps send over an account from your CRM, our AI researches the company, what they do, and their latest news to figure out what they care about.  Our AI looks through your sales plays and customer stories to create a point of view on why this company needs your business. Then our platform finds the people in that target account (along with contact information) and then generates everything from prospecting emails, slides, value cases, and documents. 
How Segment X works


Combinations of Persona, Industry, & Segment Size


Document Templates


Account Plans Created

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AI Account Planning

Automated Insights: Connected to your CRM, we enrich accounts with a wealth of data. Such as market trends, that prospect's current initiatives,  and industry shifts to keep your account plans relevant.

Integrated Feedback Loop: Stay informed with real-time updates on your key accounts, we integrate with Gong to capture your sales calls and automatically update the use case, slides, and value case for each customer. 

Quota & Revenue Planning:  Map your sales team's quota planning to your companies revenue goals and go to market strategy. Ensuring top down alignment. 


Move Faster: Decrease Time to Revenue

Find Prospects & Contact Information: Visualize the landscape of your accounts with AI-generated maps. Understand key stakeholders, decision-makers, and influence patterns to navigate accounts more effectively.

Start Prospecting Faster: We draft personalized email sequences and call scripts. So your sales team has a list of people to call / message every day. 

Accelerate Deals:  Personalize the sales cycle is to help prospects understand your solution and how you can help them more quickly.  

Minimize Meeting Prep Time: Spend less time preparing for sales calls. We create a POV, generate the slides, and research the company before your meetings. So you always walk into customer meetings prepared.

Account Research-1
Customer stories engine

Messaging & Customer Stories Engine

Run Repeatable Sales Plays: Our AI engine applies the best sales play whether by industry  or persona to that account.

Remove Customer Marketing Bottlenecks: Our AI engine takes the raw data from your customer interview and writes the standard blocks of  text that go into a customer story. 

Integrate Customer Stories in your Sales Cycle: Our AI engine suggests the best customer stories for each account. Customer stories are used throughout the sales cycle including prospecting, customer slides, and proposals.