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Let us handle your B2B Sales

Account Research & Planning

Account Research

In 3-4 business days we will deliver a complete thoughtful approach for your top accounts. 

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1) Research the Company

- What the company does 

- Latest company news 

- If public, link to stock information

- # Employees & revenue

- Draft an initial point of view on why that company needs your product or service 

2) Find 5 Target Prospects

- Find people with the desired titles in that company 

- Email, phone, address 

- Personal social media (when possible) 

- Personality DISC profile 

- Discovery questions

3) Create Actionable Materials

 - Prospecting emails 

- Slides

- One pager 

- Call scripts (personalized at the prospect level) 

- Linkedin messages

4) Deliver the account summary in 4 business days

- Online website summary that you can come back to when you're ready

- Overview video explaining what we find 





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Black Friday Sale!

Save 50% - Now only $25 per account! 


Why do B2B sales reps think?

I dare say this is the most unique and exciting marketing effort we’ve undertaken in the 22+ years I’ve been in sales. 
Bob Potter
VP of Business Development, ESG Global
Tremendously valuable!
Tom Grimes
VP of SLED sales